Easy to walk away, Hard to Forget

I met you a few years ago
We were friends
I liked you
You liked me
Everything was the way it was supposed to be.

But now things have changed.
You’ve walked away
You know how much I hurt, cause it’s something I always say
You don’t care, at least that’s what I can tell.
You know and you don’t care, I’ve just reached the bottom of the well

You don’t like me, you don’t want to be my friend
You think I’m annoying, I guess I knew this had to end.
Somehow I always knew I’d fall
Somehow I knew I’d see it all

Easy to walk away, hard to forget.
But somehow, you did both when you left
I haven’t forgotten, but somehow you have
This is something I’ll never understand

I’ll never forget you, that much is certain.
But I’m over you now, my life has it’s own purpose
It isn’t to follow you and what you do,
It’s to live this life my way.
Bieng freinds with you would be great, but I don’t want to chase you.
It’s out of my control, there’s nothing else I can do.

Easy to walk away, hard to forget
that was one of the lessons I learned when you left.
The other lesson I learned is that life goes on
It goes on with or without the people gone.

I’ll go on with or without you
To myself, I’ll always stay true.
By: claryandjace4ever

whatever it is, i miss you friend..<3

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