Be It Unto Me -Doen Moen-

Lagu ini selalu menguatkanku di saat aku sering khawatir dengan hidupku. Terus diingatkan untuk bersandar penuh kepada Tuhan, jadilah padaku sesuai dengan firmanNya, sesuai dengan janjiNya..:)

Be it unto me
According to Your Word
According to Your promises
I can stand secure
Carve upon my heart
The truth that sets me free
According to Your Word O Lord
Be it unto me

You promised Your word will deliver
Lord, we believe it’s true
You promised us joy like a river
Lord we receive it from You
These things you have spoken
And you’re bringing to pass
This world’s disappearing
But Your word will last


You promised to carry our sorrows
Lord, we believe it’s true
You promised unending tomorrows
Lord we receive them from You
You’ll be our Provider
In Your word it’s revealed
By the strifes that You bore
Lord We have been healed


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